Learn About Watercolor Paint Tubes

22 May 2024

What are Watercolor Paint Tubes?

Watercolor paint tubes are watercolor tubes filled with paint. They provide the most vibrant and vivid colors due to their concentrated pigment.

Watercolor Paint Tubes Characteristics

1. Paint is soft and wet. 2. Reactivate it using a little water. 3. Avoides cross-contamination. 4. Highly pigmented and saturated. $. Create different shades.

Using Watercolor Paint Tubes

Grab your palette and squeeze out a little paint in globulets. Pour water into your palette; the paint won’t automatically mix. This gives you autonomy over the hue.

Camel Watercolor Tube

Any one of Camel Watercolor tubes' 24 different shades gives your watercolor tube drawing appeal. These colors have an ASTM-AP certification.

Faber Castell Watercolor Tubes

Twenty-Four unique, highly transparent, brilliant colors are available in the Faber Castell watercolor tubes. Once dry, they can be mixed again, as they are easily dilutable.

Schmincke Watercolor Tubes

Schmincke watercolor tubes are a line of premium watercolors with 145 vibrant colors. They are one of the best artist watercolor tubes because of their superior pigment quality and lightfastness.