The Venice Biennale highlights the diversity of American LGBTQ+ artists' contributions to modern art in 2024, highlighting their fight for representation and equality in the art world.

Liz Collins is showcasing her unique blend of art and design at the Biennale Arte. Her vibrant tapestries feature lively colours and a queer feminist vibe while also highlighting environmental concerns with lightning bolts.

Liz Collins

Inspired by Sonia Delaunay's geometric designs, Collins' lunar globe features coloured threads crisscrossing a dark background.

Leilah Babirye, a Ugandan-born artist, is renowned for her sculptures, which combine traditional African styles with modern ideas, showcasing her diverse artistic vision.

Leilah Babirye

Babirye's 2021 sculpture, "Namasole Wannyana, Mother of King Kimera from the Kuchu Royal Family of Buganda," reflects Uganda's rich history and political views, imagining a future where queer Ugandans can live freely.

Louis Fratino, a New York City-based artist, is showcasing his paintings and drawings at the Biennale Arte, capturing the intimate details of queer life and family relationships, highlighting the feelings of outsiders.

Leilah Babirye

Fratino's new paintings, featuring at the Biennale Arte, highlight the urgent need for change in society's treatment of queer people, highlighting the complexities of queer identity and family relationships, inviting deep thought on social and political issues.

Jade Guanaro Kuriki-Olivo, born in 1989, creates multifaceted sculptures, installations, and performance art, including "A Sculpture for Trans Women" (2023), addressing personal and political issues.

Puppies Puppies

"A Sculpture for Trans Women" (2023) is a life-sized bronze sculpture featuring the word "WOMAN" and performed during exhibitions, challenging traditional monuments and commemorating trans existence.

Agnes Questionmark, born in Rome, Italy 1995, split her time between Rome and New York City, USA. She is a versatile artist whose practice spans performance, sculpture, video, and installation.

Agnes Questionmark

"Cyber-Teratology Operation" (2024) exposes a trans body in an operating room, blurring the boundaries between self and machine through the subject's eye.

Kang Seung Lee was born in Seoul and resides in the USA. He is a versatile artist who explores diverse artistic mediums, including drawing, embroidery, installation, and the appropriation of organic materials and objects.

Kang Seung Lee

Lee’s installation ingeniously intertwines micro and macro-histories, offering a nuanced exploration of collective and individual narratives.

Salman Toor, a contemporary painter originally from Pakistan and now based in New York, merges academic techniques, art historical allusions, and elements from American and South Asian pop culture in his work.

Salman Toor

Toor’s paintings, intimate in scale, initially convey a sense of tranquillity but, upon closer inspection, reveal a raw reality within their intricacies.