Life through Paresh Maity's Eyes 

Paresh Maity has gained an irreplaceable position in the Indian contemporary art scene as a multimedia (ceramics, installation, paintings, and sculptures) artist. In his four-decade-long career, Paresh Maity paintings have set benchmarks in over 81 solo shows around the globe.

Paresh Maity Art Themes and Motifs

Paresh Maity watercolour paintings are a trademark medium of the artist. He has portrayed both human subjects and scenic atmosphere. His work is bold and colourful representation of human existence. Paresh Maity's artworks are a confluence of myriad styles (realism, expressionism, and more).

Infinite Light

‘Infinite Light’ is his largest solo exhibition. Informed by his travelogues, Paresh Maity artworks revives the memories of landscapes and riverscapes. Hence, one must be ready to face the conundrum of unpredictability. His oeuvre expands to incorporate the wavering nature of atmosphere; a condition all too familiar to us humans.

The Indian Odyssey

His biggest work to date; these panels are present at the New Delhi International Airport. Paresh Maity paintings amalgamate Indian art, culture, literature, technological advancements, nuances, music, and dance to present a rich tapestry of the inherent ‘Indian-ness’.