Make A Pomegranate Drawing in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Make the Outlines

Draw a simple oval shape to represent the body and the outer layer of the pomegranate. This general outline will be exaggerated in the following steps to make an exquisite pomegranate pencil drawing. To represent a slice, make a semicircular shape beside the main oval. Add texture using several curved lines.

Step 2: Draw the Seeds

The next step in pomegranate picture drawing is making the seeds. To make these juicy seeds, add a series of small ovals on top of the semicircular section (the rind). No two seeds are alike, so make sure to include ovals and irregular shapes of different sizes and orientations.

Step 3: Details of the Crown

The crown is where the pomegranate was attached to the tree. Make a crown shape at the top of the oval using a series of ‘V’ shaped lines. Keep going till it forms an enclosed shape. Draw a cloud-like shape in the middle of the enclosure. This will create a realistic pomegranate fruit drawing.

Step 4: Define the Light Source

The drawing of a pomegranate is not complete without adding some shadows and highlights, for which you need to define the light source. Shade one side of the pomegranate and leave the other lighter. Add highlights to the top of the crown. Don't forget the seeds.

Step 5: Refine and Color

Now that your sketch pomegranate drawing is complete, you may refine it wherever more details are warranted. If you wish to colour the painting to bring out the deep-red or purplish colour, you must use coloured pencils, crayons, or markers. Make sure to use variations of these colours to make your drawing pop out even more.