Monika Correa: An Experimental Journey

Monika Correa is an Indian textile weaver. Her work has been displayed in the Met, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), and Tate Modern, to name a few - becoming an International influential figure.

Monika Correa has enjoyed the immense possibilities of the loom’s structural poignance. Using a detachable reed displaced her wefts within the tapestry. It left a sculptural mark on her oeuvre and granted it fluidity.

Monika Correa’s Experimental Phase

Mecca (1968)

Monika Correa tries to instill spirituality through ‘Mecca’. Although it is quite minimalist, with three concentric rectangular boxes, the beauty lies in the texture and colour. It is made from thick handspun wool.

Original Sin (1972)

‘Original Sin’ is made from dyed cotton and wool. The top part features a circle woven in vermillion, with traces of hot pink and deep pink surrounded by differing intensities of brown. The second section is a horizontal amalgamation of weaves. The third section depicts a symphony of various vertical stripes. Monika Correa uses hand-spun wool.