Multiple Meanings in Bharti Kher Artworks

Bharti Kher is an Indian artist whose  work encompasses paintings, sculptures, installations, and video. She was born in 1969 in London where she received her education. She moved to India in 1993 where she now lives and works.

Bharti Kher’s artwork evokes the plurality of identity. She focuses on the material and its varied connotations; a path between abstract and figurative through collating and juxtaposing materials (raw and readymade). She has extensively used ‘bindi’ in her work.

Bharti Kher Artwork Themes

Bharti Kher’s artwork, aptly titled ‘Intermediaries’, is an ode to the legend of ‘ardhnarishwar’, representing the duality of genders and their shapeshifting prowess.


Bharti Kher devised an 18-foot-tall feminine sculpture with 23 head, poking out of her body. It may be seen as a woman’s significance in prolonging life or the synecdochic identity of a woman. It is indisputably an imagery of belonging, care, multiculturalism, and interconnectedness.