The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, established in 1870, is one of the world's largest art museums, with its operations beginning in 1876. 

This collection showcases various Islamic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and South Asian art, including Indian sculptures, Chinese jade, Japanese screens, and Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern artefacts. 

The African art collection features bronze altarpieces, relief plaques, and regalia from Benin, a cherished custom in Nigeria, and is a global discussion topic.  

Artefacts from Mesoamerican civilizations to contemporary art hubs in Mexico City and New York, dating back 3,000 years, symbolize the human desire to use art and craft for meaning and beauty. 

The MFA boasts over 100,000 Asian art pieces from Southeast Asian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean artists, including the world's most extensive collection of Japanese textiles and prints.