Adriano Pedrosa's "Foreigners Everywhere" exhibition explores nationalism, displacement, and colonialism, inviting reflection and dialogue on the edges of history.

MAHKU, a Brazilian Amazon collective, created a mural that defies Western technique, showcasing their art rooted in miração, visionary experiences triggered by ayahuasca rituals.

The Salone Verde offers a mystical journey into Indian artistry, featuring the "Cosmic Garden" exhibition, where myth and reality blur, bringing ancient Indian myths to life in stunning detail.

The Arsenale showcases a new narrative of textile art from the global south, featuring embroidery, felt, dye, and stitches.

The Australia pavilion, a dark and solemn space, holds a secret waiting to be revealed as one enters the dimly lit, painted, solemn walls.

The German pavilion at the Venice Biennale is gaining popularity as a must-see attraction, known for its unconventional exhibition "Thresholds."

Lebanon's pavilion at the Venice Biennale challenges Western narratives with "A Dance with Her Myth," reimagining the ancient myth of Europa and the bull from a different perspective.

Romania pavilion at the Venice Biennale showcases artistic contemplation with Sarban Savu's works and Atelier Brenda, represented by Nana Esi and Sophie Keij.