Puttin Art on the Map: MAP Museum Bangalore

23 April 2024

MAP Bangalore Museum was established in 2016 by industrialist Abhishek Poddar. It features textiles, paintings, sculptures, photography, and design objects, ranging from the 12th century to contemporary times.

MAP launched a digital museum in December 2020. The launch was accompanied by a week-long online festival, ‘Art (is) Life,’ and included art, dance, and poetry performances.

The MAP Bangalore Museum spans 44,000 square feet and includes five galleries, an auditorium, an art and research library, classrooms, a restoration lab, storage, a sculpture garden, a cafe, and a fine-dining restaurant.

The building's facade, is made up of steel panels embossed with a cross pattern and has the appearance of an industrial water tank, is intended to highlight the metaphorical relationship between the idea of storing something valuable.

MAP Bangalore Museum houses over 60,000 articles in its collection categorized into six departments – Living Traditions, Modern and Contemporary Art, Photography, Popular Culture, Pre-Modern Art and Textiles, Craft and Design.