Revealing the Impact of Influential Native American Artists

Native American artists have significantly contributed to contemporary art, showcasing their endurance, ingenuity, and cultural identity.

Jeffrey Gibson

The vivid aesthetics of club culture, popular culture, and Gibson’s Native American ancestry are just a few of his artwork’s many sources of inspiration.

Jaune Quick-to-see Smith

Jaune Is Fast to Notice Smith frequently combines traditional Native American symbolism with contemporary artistic techniques in his artwork, which has a strong voice in addressing social and political themes.

To express her ideas, Wendy Red Star uses a variety of media, such as performance, installation, sculpture, and photography.

Wendy Red Star

WalkingStick is well known for her distinctive blending of representation and abstraction; she frequently combines landscapes with traditional Native American motifs.

Kay Walkingstick

Neoclassicism, a popular movement in 19th-century art that took inspiration from classical Greek and Roman aesthetics, was evident in Edmonia Lewis’s style.

Edmonia Lewis

The vibrant colour schemes, dynamic compositions, and combination of modern and traditional Native American themes define the art of T.C. Cannon.

T C Cannon

Traditional Mohawk visual motifs, modern technology, and a keen sense of social conscience are all combined in Niro’s work. Her writing frequently dispels myths and presents a novel viewpoint on indigenous identity.

Shelley Niro

An intense connection with fabrics and fibre arts characterises Marie Watt’s artistic practice.

Marie Watt

Kent Monkman is known for his audacious, dramatic, and frequently sarcastic artwork. He regularly incorporates historical and artistic allusions while fusing conventional methods with a modern viewpoint.

Kent Monkman

The art of Fritz Scholder is distinguished by its audacious and frequently aggressive approach. He was a painter, printer, and sculptor who combined pop art and abstract expressionism.

Fritz Scholder

Shan Goshorn’s creative approach was defined by her inventive application of age-old Cherokee basket-weaving methods to produce visually arresting and intellectually stimulating artworks.

Shan Goshorn