Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum Collection

25 April 2024

Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum Alappuzha is a tribute to businessman Revi Karunakaran established in 2003 by his wife Betty Karan after his death. The museum was designed by Lalichan Zachariah.

The crystal collection at the Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum features ancient and contemporary blown, hand-cut, machine-cut, and moulded crystal relics.


The ivory collection of the Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum showcases five intricately carved shelves, with multiple figurines such as Shakuntala, Rama-Krishna, Dasavatharam, and Virgin Mary.


The porcelain collection at the Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum showcases the excellence of famed brands such as Dresden China, Armani, and Noritake, among others.


The Prodigal Son’ is a life-size, 7-foot, and 635 kg bronze statue made by the Israeli sculpture artist Sam Philipe. It narrates the moment of embrace from the biblical parable — the prodigal and the younger son.

Prodigal Son

Kerala Room

One room at the museum is dedicated to educating the audience about the beautiful heritage and culture of Kerala. The floor is made of terracotta tiles, while the ceiling is made of hand-carved teak wood.