Salvador Dali's Fashion Collaborations

Elsa Schiaparelli founded the House of Schiaparelli to uplift women and showcase their intellect & sexuality. Since a ‘modern’ woman was seen as an eccentric and aberrant entity, there was no one better to realize her vision than Salvador Dali. Elsa introduced Dali to the high Parisian society, whereas Dali lent her his idiosyncrasies.

Collaboration with Schiaparelli

Telephone Dial Compact Powder (1935)

Drawer Suits (1936)

The Lobster Dress (1937)

Shoe-Shaped Hat (1937)

Tear Dress (1938)

Skeleton Dress (1938)

Costume of the Year 2045 (1950)

Collaboration with Dior

Collaboration with Carlos Alemany

‘L'ull del temps’ The Eye of Time (1949)

‘Els llavis de Rubis’ Rubis’ Lips (1950)

‘El cor reial’ The Royal Heart (1953)

‘L'elefant de l'espai’ The Elephant of Space (1961)

Nightmare Beachwear (1965)

Collaboration with Jack Winters