Sand Artist Sdarshan Pattnaik 's Recent Artworks

Sudarsan Pattnaik is a self-taught sand artist based in Puri, Odisha. He was born on 15 April 1977. Since his early childhood, he was interested in the beaches and creating sand art, a skill he honed by himself. While building sand sculptures was fun to him, he was oblivious to the local media attention towards his sand art.

World Egg Day

World Egg Day is observed on 13 October annually. To spread awareness about the nutritional benefits of eggs, he fashioned a sand art installation featuring three eggs and a hen. The message reads – “World Egg Day”.

G20 Sand Art

Sudarsan Pattnaik made a sand sculpture featuring the logo and tagline of the 2023 G20 Summit held in India. He unveiled his creation at the 2022 International Sand Art Festival, Konark, Odisha.

Ganesh Chaturthi Sand Art

To celebrate the 2023 Ganesh Chaturthi, Sudarsan Pattnaik built a sand sculpture featuring the effigy of Lord Ganesha. This sculpture features over 1,000 steel items weighing a whopping 100 kg, including numerous steel bowls & plates placed strategically.

Celebrating Modi Ji

On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 73rd birthday, Sudarsan Pattnaik wished him with his own flair. He built him a sand installation with 50 Konark wheels