See the Stars at the Biggest Planetarium in India

The Birla Planetarium, also known as MP Birla Planetarium or ‘Taramandal’ is the biggest planetarium in India. It was formally inaugurated by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru on 2 July 1963. It is situated at Chowringhee Road.

The museum was started to promote astronomy, its teaching, and research. At present, the planetarium offers free evening courses on astronomy and a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Astronomy and Planetarium.

The architecture of Birla Planetarium is reminiscent of the Buddhist Stupa, Sanchi. It is a single-storey circular building constructed by ML Dalmiya and Co. It has a 23-meter-high dome and 570 reclining seats.

At the observatory stands the powerful Celestron C-14 telescope, with cameras (ST6 CCD) and sun filters. The planetarium also houses an electronic laboratory and an astronomical gallery.

The The Birla Planetarium hosts daily hourly shows in three languages — Bengali, English, and Hindi. They also conduct shows in Odia, Tamil, and Gujarati, albeit occasionally.