Sofia Táboas: The Fault in our Spaces!

Sofia Taboas is a Mexican artist who resides and works in Mexico City. She specialises in spatial elements and their perception. She has been the subject of over 55 exhibitions.

Her artwork describes the relationship between two polar opposite entities to manufacture new spaces. Her perception-altering artworks and installations give spaces new definitions. These spaces bridge the civilizations; past and future. These uncanny pieces create odd habitats; one which we are bound and freed by.

Sofia Taboas Art Style

Cinco jardines flotantes para cinco piedras

Also known as ‘Five Floating Gardens for Five Stones’, this installation is situated at the lake in Chapultepec Park, Mexico City. This installation renders new meaning to the lake’s ecosystem. It is a small-scale replication of our planet. The audience has an innate awareness of their surroundings as they navigate through the water. It is a testament to migration brought on by globalization.

Clave Intermedia

The exhibition translates to ‘Intermediate Key’ She churns out the aesthetic of traversing boundaries, distinguishing internal and external spaces. Through colour theory, certain imagery is evoked. Some pieces feel warmer, while others are more earthly. She has used rigidity and fluidity to define an exquisite mix of conundrums.

Gama térmica

She tackles the themes of climate change and global warming with her exhibit titled ‘Gama térmica’ or Thermal Range. She displays the inhospitable environment and the temperature of the colours used forcing the audience to examine their unsustainable actions.

The title translates to ‘Double Take.’ She uses cascading blue glass beads, with a barely visible string to focus on the play of lights, enlivening the passageways. With the light, the beads serve as an intermediary, differentiating two spaces.

Doble turno