Step-by-step DIY: How To Make Bracelets 

Items You Need

– Beads – String, Wire, or Thread – Clasps (lobster clasps, toggle clasps, or magnetic clasps) – Jump Rings – Pliers – A Pair of Scissors

STEP 1: Think of a Design

Visualize what bracelet you wish to make. This is your time to experiment with patterns and colours. Find the perfect style and arrangement depending on the occasion you wish to wear it.

STEP 2: Measure and Cut

Wrap the thread around your hand to determine the length. Now cut the thread/wire accordingly. Keep a few extra inches to make loops and knots.

Step 3: Time to Bead It

Tie up one end of the string. Thread your beads into the string/wire based on the desired pattern. Use pliers to secure the ends or tie knots to prevent beads from slipping.

STEP 4: Attach The Clasp

Once you have made the bracelet, attach the clasp. If you have used the stretchy string you may just want to tie the knot. If you are using a regular yarn or wire, attach a few jump rings at both ends. Attach the clasp to each end of the bracelet.