Tale of a ‘Forbidden’ Textile: The Mashru Story


The Mashru Mapping

The art of weaving Mashru fabric manifested in various forms across the nation, spanning regions from Deccan to Lucknow to Bengal.

Magical Weaving of Mashru

Mashru stands out due to its distinctive floating warp satin weave, where every silk warp thread traverses over six cotton weft threads. This clever arrangement significantly reduces direct silk contact with the skin when the mashru attire is donned.

Timeline of Mashru

Throughout history, Gujarat has showcased a predilection for a tricolour scheme featuring red, yellow, and black patterns. It was a fabric which was historically employed for crafting dowry garments within Kutchi communities, has found versatile applications.

Mashru Making Now

Within a modest neighbourhood in Patan, Gujarat, a group of artisans engage in the weaving of Mashru textiles.