The Architecture of Louis Kahn

Louis Kahn, a 20th-century architect known for his deep designs, emigrated to the US in 1928 and became a key figure in late modernism, influenced by Franklin D. Roosevelt's briefcase.

1. SALK INSTITUTE In 1959, Jonas Salk hired Louis I. Kahn to design the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, emphasizing human-science interaction. The innovative design, completed in 1965, offers flexibility, longevity, and ease of maintenance.

2. LOUIS KAHN PLAZA, IIM AHMEDABAD In 1962, the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad selected Louis Kahn for its campus design. Using local red bricks, Kahn's unique architecture, featuring arches and circles, continues to be praised for its inventive and graceful geometry.

3. EXETER LIBRARY Phillips Exeter Academy commissioned Louis Kahn to design a library with an ideal study space and a brick facade matched Georgian buildings. Completed in 1972, the Class of 1945 Library emphasizes spatial architecture with a 70-foot-high main floor.

4. THE FISHER HOUSE Designed by Louis Kahn in 1960, showcases his unique architectural style, combining modernism with warmth and history. Despite multiple design iterations and financial constraints, the house showcases Kahn's ability to create a unique and functional home, selling in 2012.

5. THE KIMBELL ART MUSEUM The Kimbell Art Museum, designed by Louis Kahn, features unique cycloid barrel vaults with plexiglass skylights, highlighting natural light. Renzo Piano will create a new building that honors Kahn's original vision, scale, and materials.