The Legacy of Nari Gandhi

29 April 2024

Nari Gandhi was an Indian architect. He was born on 2 January 1934. He was pursuing a diploma in architecture from Sir JJ School of Art, which he left in 1956 when offered to work at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin.

Working with the local masons and craftsmen, Nari Gandhi buildings had an integrated architectural style that took into account the tropical lifestyle , local climate, and extraordinary use of clay, stone, brick, wood, and glass.

Nari Gandhi Architect Philosophy

The works of Nari Gandhi boast of extended roof slopes that touch the ground, arched structural design, preserving and (planting) on-site trees, and blurring the line between interior and exterior space.

A triangular plan was apt to maximize the heat and light of the sun. The walls were made of quarried stone which was placed within a wooden framework.

Mountain Lodge Nari Gandhi

Revdanda House

With its sloping roof, clerestory windows, and deep overhangs, this Nari Gandhi architect design responds well to the local climate. He used locally sourced red bricks and tree trunks.

Revdanda House