The Modernist Art of Akbar Padamsee

30 April 2024

Akbar Padamsee, a pioneer in modern Indian painting was born on 12th April 1928. He joined Sir J. J. School of Art for his diploma in painting and joined the Progressive Artists Group

Akbar Padamsee Artwork Style

Akbar Padamsee paintings of earlier periods in a variety of painting, drawing, and etching media show a quasi-spiritual method of creation. His drawings have a sense of tranquillity.

Ink black, sepia, and grisaille tones are used in his monochromatic portraits and nudities to depict imagined people. Some of Akbar Padamsee artworks showcase the slant and effective use of space.

Metascape Akbar Padamsee

Akbar Padamsee Metascape series were engendered in the 1970s. His long-term interest in landscape painting led him to interrogate the mythic and archetypal nature of the genre.

Prophet Akbar Padamsee

Akbar Padamsee was influenced by African masks and other tribal art as well as European Modern masters, which led to the creation of his well-known ‘Prophets’ series.