The Tallest Building In India

30 April 2024

Palais Royale

At a height of 325 m or 1,066 ft (295 m above the ground), the Palais Royale is the tallest residential building in India. The 88-floor building is located in Worli, Mumbai.

Architecture of Palais Royale

The frame of the Palais Royale Mumbai is made of reinforced concrete with a low aspect ratio of 1:3. It also incorporates an interior central atrium reaching up to 215 m in height

Since the wider space between 88 columns on the lower floor presents the problem of load stress, the 1.5 m wide high-strength concrete foundation girders were set 9 meters deep.

Amenities include a 7-acre landscaped exterior, walking and jogging paths, comfort elevator, concierge services, indoor sport, dining & health club, swimming pool, and biometric safety system.