The Unbounded Fixation on Fixative Sprays

Fixative sprays like the Mona Lisa are famous for preserving artwork by encasing it in glass. They are not to be confused with fixation sprays used for cosmetic purposes.

Spray fixatives preserve dust-based mediums like pastels, charcoal, and chalk, preventing smearing, smudging, and discolouring. 

These aerosol-based preserving formulas impart longevity and lightfast colors, allowing for drawing on the spray without rubbed off.

Diluent egg whites were used to protect artworks in primordial times, but synthetic sprays became popular due to their efficiency. Fixative sprays for drawing include casein, glue, or resin with matte, glossy, or satin finishes.

Fixative sprays create a protective layer over artwork surfaces, seal materials, and prevent rubbing or environmental disturbance. 

They come in two types: final fixative sprays for final painting stages and workable sprays for multi-layered artworks.

Fixative sprays are essential for painters and are available in Winsor Newton, Spectrafix, and Camel brands. Factors to consider include purpose, brand, and availability.