Trends in Textile Design

1. Prints

Various techniques, such as screen printing or digital printing, provide versatility in terms of design and colour, which makes printed fabrics a popular choice for apparel, interior décor, and other uses.

2. Fashion

Designers in this domain create patterns, textures, and colour palettes that improve fashion aesthetics by fusing artistic ingenuity with technical know-how.

3. Flowers

By incorporating floral motifs and patterns into fabric, flower textile design produces visually appealing textiles that are influenced by nature.

4. Digital

Using computer software, digital textile designers create patterns and designs for textiles. Digital tools are used by designers to edit forms, colours, and textures, enabling accurate and flexible personalization.

5. Geometry

Using geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and circles, textile designers can create patterns and structures. These patterns frequently have symmetrical, repeating layouts, which give the cloth a feeling of accuracy and order.