Van Gogh: Unravelling the Tragic Tale, Enduring Artistic Legacy


Van Gogh’s Life and Artistic Journey

Vincent Van Gogh was a prolific artist who produced many paintings, drawings, and self-portraits. His unique style of painting, characterized by bold colours and expressive brushstrokes, earned him recognition as a post-impressionist master.

The Miserable End of a Great Artist

Vincent Van Gogh’s death stays a subject of deep infatuation and mystery. On July 29, 1890, at 37, Van Gogh passed away due to a self-inflicted gunshot injury.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Mental Illness

Vincent Van Gogh’s mental health fights affected his life and artistic expression. His notes to his brother Theo provide insights into his feelings and creative technique.

At Eternity’s Gate: Vincent Van Gogh’s Portrayal on Screen

Rosa died in 1899 at 77 after a successful artistic career. She was selected as an Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Water Colourists in London