What Makes Hot Glue Gun Sticks Special

23 May 2024

What Are Hot Glue Gun Sticks?

Hot glue gun sticks are cylindrical rods made of synthetic resin and wax. Engineered to melt quickly when exposed to heat, these glue sticks for glue guns transform from solid to liquid state

Composition of Glue Gun Sticks

The synthetic resin serves as the adhesive agent, providing the sticking power that binds materials together. The wax component, which helps to regulate the viscosity and flow of the melted adhesive.

Melting Process of Hot Glue Gun Sticks

When inserted into a hot glue gun and exposed to heat, the glue gun sticks begins to soften and eventually liquefy, forming a viscous adhesive.

Once it reaches its melting point, the liquefied adhesive is propelled forward by the pressure exerted by the glue gun's trigger mechanism.

Applications of Hot Glue Gun Sticks

From paper to wood, fabric to plastic, hot glue sticks adhere to several materials, making them suitable for an extensive array of crafting projects.

Whether you're assembling intricate jewellery, constructing model structures, or embellishing handmade cards, hot glue gun sticks offer a reliable and efficient bonding solution.