Pens are forgiving, but not forgiving like coloured pencils or drawing pencils. Ballpoint pens are laborious and intense, but they can be used to create simple ideas to help beginners get started.

Create a floral centrepiece using inspiration from flowers, capturing their delicate beauty with intricate details and graceful strokes rather than using ballpoint pen drawings.

Master over-abstraction by creating abstract ballpoint pen drawings, challenging traditional representations and embracing spontaneity. Use fluid lines, dynamic shapes, and bold gestures to evoke movement, rhythm, and stature.

Challenge yourself with realistic ballpoint pen drawings, known for their intricate textures, subtle shading, and precise contours. Use hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling techniques to achieve depth and dimension, and compare your artwork to these artists.

The Uni-ball Jetstream RT is a top-rated ballpoint pen for drawing, offering quick-drying, dark lines, smooth ink flow, water resistance, fade resistance, and check washing resistance in various colours.