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Photo Gallery: Adolf Hitler’s Paintings Revealed
Know Our Jury for Abir India’s First Take 2024: Veer Munshi
First Take 2024: Eighth Edition to Spotlight Emerging Artists at Ahmedabad’s Hutheesing Visual Art Centre
Banksy Clashes with Home Secretary James Cleverly Over Glastonbury Artwork and Migrant Rescue Efforts
Brazilian Mastery: Painting, Print, and Structure at Venice Biennale

Adolf Hitler, infamous for his role in history as the dictator of Nazi Germany, also had a lesser-known passion for art. During his early years in Vienna from 1908 to


The eighth iteration of Abir India’s First Take 2024 is about to engulf the vivacious city of Ahmedabad. This event is more than just a show; it is a demonstration


The eagerly anticipated First Take 2024 is scheduled to begin on November 24th at the Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad marking the eighth edition of this esteemed event. The week-long exhibition


Banksy Takes Aim at Home Secretary James Cleverly On Wednesday, the mysterious muralist Banksy responded to British Home Secretary James Cleverly's criticism of his recent artwork, which featured an inflatable


The Venice Biennale 2024 showcased the profound talents of three Brazilian masters whose works significantly shaped the artistic landscape of their adopted country. This brought together the distinct yet interconnected


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