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Saptarshi Ghosh Robbie Barrat Twenty-two years old Robbie Barrat hardly comes across as an artist. For someone who can almost always

Saptarshi Ghosh AI-generated art is part of the larger realm of generative art. Generative art refers to art created autonomously by systems like computer programs or machines. In this piece,

Saptarshi Ghosh Machine learning (ML) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), which allows computers to learn from experience rather than being programmed. It has contributed to the development of

Abirpothi interviews Preeti Garg, co-founder of Gallery Veda “To make art more inclusive and not intimidating was the idea behind the gallery. Chennai, with its well-known love for the arts,

Digvijay Nikam  “What I am interested in is the fact of many hands…when people see work like that, they should be able to feel the presence of those people.” –

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