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A visual raconteur – Krishen Khanna Part 2

By Vandana Shukla  Khanna’s works deal with a realistic world, the goings on; the play of maya caught in its own momentum, its own web; blurred under its own momentary existence against the eternal march of time. The moments caught on canvas seem to have a rhythm about them, as though, they are flowing over...


Group show in Goa as part of Raza Centenary Celebrations

Posthumous Dialogues with Souza: Homage to a Goan Artist, is being held in MOG-Museum of Goa, Saligao, Goa from 23 April to 30 May 2022. The event, comprising an exhibition of works of 27 artists – both upcoming and established including the likes of Atul Dodiya and Sudhir Patwardhan – is organised as part of...


When art is not restricted by medium: Exploring the oeuvre of interdisciplinary artist Amitesh Grover

Seamlessly melding theatre, performance and interactive art since 2009, 41-year-old artist Amitesh Grover has been described as to have “transcended the barriers of disciplines”, working with live acts, texts, objects, images, installations and films over more than a decade. As he navigates and investigates the overlaps between performance, digital technologies, game design and public intervention,...


Deep Dialogues! Samvaad Flashback #ArtWorld2021 (Part 2)

Bringing to you our year-end series where we rewind to some of our most-read and most-viewed stories!  We are interested in delving deeper into the life and philosophy of eminent professionals that shapes their vision and drives them to take on one successful project after the other. In free-wheeling conversations with personalities over the course...


Abir rewind on most-read profiles (Part 1) #ArtWorld2021 #YearEnders2021

Bringing to you our year-end series where we rewind to some of our most-read and most-viewed stories! In this article, we get you the excerpts of the profiles of Manjunath Kamath, Vasudevan Akkitham, Rajen, and Lalitha Lajmi Manjunath Kamath Temple sculptures and paintings, churches, and Jain temples were his initial museums from which he derived...


Did you know this pioneer of modern Indian art illustrated our Constitution?

December 3, On This Day Did you know this pioneer of modern Indian art was entrusted with the historic task of illustrating, beautifying and decorating the original manuscript of the Constitution of India?   Born on December 3, 1882, 139 years ago, the renowned artist Nandalal Bose was a key figure of Contextual Modernism (a period of experimentation in...

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