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Etching memories, Lalitha Lajmi powers on at 88

Humble and full of enthusiasm to discuss the breadth of her work displayed at a virtual exhibition, Confluence, presented by Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad in collaboration with Gallery Art & Soul and curated by Lina Vincent, Lalitha Lajmi opens up about how art has kept her going. Gauri Gharpure reports for Abir Pothi. Drawing recollections on paper...


Channeling childhood trauma, Gujarat-based Jayesh Shrimali is creating art with burnt memories

  The first works of many artists carry a significant hangover of their past. Autobiographical, they unapologetically serve as personal essays that unburden haunting memories. In some cases, these personal accounts resonate with the quality of the output and Jayesh Srimali’s journey is just as descriptively transferred into his artwork. Despite being deeply personal, the...


An artist is young when they are 60, says Seema Kohli

Deeply in tune with a spiritual approach to art and life, artist Seema Kohli chats with Abir Pothi about love, Shakti and conviction Epic, magical, mesmerizing, surreal and infinitely intricate art that celebrates the feminine — this just about embodies the vast multi-disciplinary oeuvre of Delhi-based artist Seema Kohli, who has meticulously presented a stunning range of creative...


‘I refuse to be shoved into a box of stereotypes’, says Pakistani artist Fauzia Minallah

She is a fearless voice in a turbulent time, a beacon of outspokenness for the rights of women and children, and an inexorable force in promoting environment and heritage conservation. Pakistani artist Fauzia Minallah paints, makes cloth murals, engraves slates, creates installations in the woods, writes and illustrates books, sketches searing political cartoons, and designs...


Shakti Maira: In pursuit of beauty, from 1947 to 2021

An artist, but also a thinker and author of global renown, Shakti Maira passed away on May 9 at the age of 73, leaving behind a multifaceted legacy An intense belief in beauty, in all its forms, lingers behind in the passing of artist, sculptor, writer, philosopher, polemicist and teacher Shakti Maira, who slipped away...


The beauty and integrity of a work can still be felt digitally. I am awed when I look at old paintings online: Praveen Yaramilli   

10 questions with the Pothi team: Artist Praveen Yaramilli, who primarily works in the digital format, tells us about his process and life during the pandemic How did you journey in art start? Tell us about your childhood. You are not a formally trained artist.  My journey in art started in school. Ten students were...