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11 Futuristic Buildings With a Touch of Islamic Aesthetics

Vaishnavi Srivastava

Abir Pothi is curating 11 structures across the globe, from the Arab world to the far east and to Europe, which carry a strong stamp of Islamic architecture and ethos.
They stand out in their form and architectural grandeur.

1. Palace of Justice, Spain

The architectural layout of the law court of Mecanoo, namely, the Palace of Justice is another fine instance of Islamic art being utilized in modern day architectural buildings. The Islamic influence of the structure is not so apparent as the influence can be justified via the presence of the massive voids and the presence of courtyards which is a major feature of Islamic architecture.

Palace of Justice.
Courtesy: ArchDaily

2. Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar

Designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect, IM Pei, the Museum of Islamic Art is located in Qatar. It is a real-life example of the future that meets the past. The structure consists of characteristic Islamic architecture such as a high domed atrium with a central tower, a courtyard, ornate chandelier along with the geometric patterns of Islamic heritage.

The Museum of Islamic Arts.
Courtesy: Al Jazeera

3.Great Mosque of Central Java, Indonesia

The Mosque is situated in Gaymasari, Semarang City of Central Java, Indonesia. It is a perfect example of a modern Islamic style of architectural design. The structure is said to be a fusion of the Arabian Middle East style as well as the Southeast Asian style of architecture. The interior of the building consists of a central dome with four minarets, The pyramidal roof trusses are the major highlights of the structure apart from its arches.

Great Mosque of Central Java.
Courtesy: Al Fozan


4. Linxia National Grand Theater, China

The Domes of the Linxia National Grand Theater are built with individual steel beams. Situated in Gansu, not even China is left out when it comes to architectural influences from the Islamic style. The modern style of architecture very smoothly combines ethnic characteristics to blend in with the structure.

Linxia National Grand Theater.
Courtesy: ArchDaily

5. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Oman

Situated in the capital city of Muscat, Oman, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the country. The walls of the mosque consist of intricate mosaic patterns. From verses of the Quran to handcrafted inscriptions, the structure has it all. The central chandelier of the mosque is the second largest in the world, the interior is further on adorned with 34 more chandeliers. The prayer rug of the mosque is a fine example of Persian rugs and their varying colours.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.
Courtesy: Atlas Obscura

6. National Museum of Qatar, Qatar

Another piece of modern-day Islamic architecture set in Doha Is the National Museum of Qatar. Designed by Jean Nouvel, the structure resembles the phenomenon of a Desert Rose. The sand colour finish of the walls of the structure and the restored palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, all honour the traditional Islamic style of architecture in its own subtle way of homage.

National Museum of Qatar.
Courtesy: Elle Decor

7. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, UAE

Located in Abu Dhabi, The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the third largest mosque in the world, a 1,380-footed structure consisting of 82 domes of 7 different sizes. It holds the world’s largest chandeliers gilded with 24-carat gold along with the world’s largest hand-knotted rug. It is a living reference of modern-day Islamic architecture which aims to blend the past with the present.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
Courtesy: CNN

8. The Hassan II Mosque, Morocco

The largest in Africa and the 7th largest mosque in the world, the Hassan II Mosque is situated in Casablanca, Morocco. It took a total of 10,00 craftsmen and whole years to create the entire structure. With its massive minarets and 14 domes, the building is inspired by the authentic Moorish style of Islamic Architecture.

The Hassan II Mosque.
Courtesy: Atlas Obscura.

9. Sancaklar Mosque, Turkey

Sancaklar Mosque, situated in Buyukçekmece, Turkey, is renowned for its striking and minimalist architectural design. The mosque stands as a contemporary interpretation of Islamic architecture, blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings. It exemplifies a modern and thoughtful approach to mosque architecture, as the structure is primarily composed of concrete, with rough-textured walls and a low profile that harmonizes with the landscape.

Sancaklar Mosque.
Courtesy: Al Fozan

10. King Abdullah Financial District Grand Mosque, Saudi Arabia

Combining modern styles with traditional architectural designs, the KAFD Grand Mosque is situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. To give more context to the architecture, the KAFD is a new-age district that is flooded with top-tier skyscrapers and the mosque is built to fit in with the whole modern-meets-tradition school of thought.

KAFD Grand Mosque. Courtesy: Omrania

11. Şakirin Mosque, Istanbul

Şakirin Mosque, located in Istanbul, Turkey, is known for its contemporary architectural design. The mosque stands out for its modern interpretation of traditional Islamic architecture. The main prayer hall is spacious and bright, with large windows allowing natural light to filter in. The mihrab (prayer niche) and minbar (pulpit) are intricately designed with calligraphy and ornamental motifs.

Şakirin Mosque.
Courtesy: Al Fozan

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