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Room For More Art: Uday Garala believes art is representation of culture, lifestyle and thoughts

Abir Pothi presents Room For More Art — a series of features on interior designers across geographic boundaries, discussing with them the nuances of their profession, their methods of sourcing and projecting art into their work, the challenges they face, and a whole lot more perspective. Uday Garala: ‘Art is simultaneously a representation of a...


A show that celebrates the genius of Lalitha Lajmi

A virtual exhibition comprising works of Lalitha Lajmi, 88, through different stages of her career, is currently up for viewing till September 18. It is presented by Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad in collaboration with Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai. The show’s Curatorial Associate is Lina Vincent. The works on display provide a more than a glimpse of...


This week, our artists play with the senses in myriad ways

Vijaya Chauhan: A special touch with an unseen script From the outset, artist Vijaya Chauhan professes to being attracted to the mystery and transformative power of Braille, with her attention primarily focused on the beauty of touch and experience of this knowledge existing in the language used by the visually challenged. Her art uses unusual...


When a 12-year-old kid punched through a $1.5-mn 17th century painting

August 23, On This Day That’s some expensive clumsiness! It was a cringe moment, and how. Six years ago, on this day — aka Sunday of August 23, 2015 — a 12-year-old boy accidentally tripped and fell straight into a painting worth $1.5 million at an exhibition in Taiwan, ripping his arm right through it....


A Mehlli Gobhai retrospective: Transcending the pandemic

As the Gallery Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai, extends its ongoing exhibit ‘Mehlli Gobhai: Epiphanies’, curated by Nancy Adajania and Ranjit Hoskote, to September 18, 2021, Abir Pothi catches a glimpse of the show delayed by a whole year, as well as how and what is being presented from the path-breaking artist’s body of work The...


‘Architecture is contextual, art is universal,’ believes architect Vivek Gupta

‘It is oft said that after god, who created everything, it is architects who get the opportunity to create something that remains for longer than their own life’. This deep respect for architecture and its lasting legacy is a fascinating exploration with architect Vivek Gupta, who holds forth in Samvaad on contextualizing projects, the twin dichotomies of functionality and creativity, what contemporary art means to him, and more


Participative art that explores sound, celebrates scriptures, and records oral traditions!

There is a growing number of installation artists who make projects that are ‘completed’ by the intervention and interpretations of their audience. They extend immersive experiences that compel the participants to delve deeper into many personal and social themes. Abir Pothi reports. Astha Butail: Exploring hymns across continents Gurgaon-based Astha Butail’s participative projects are based...


Art that makes change: Depicting grief, struggle, rebellion, and pollution this week

Ravi Chaurasiya: Tackling contemporary planetary themes to evoke humanity Key social issues are tackled in the works of artist Ravi Chaurasiya, creating an instant sense of relatability and urgency for the observer. The artist enjoys working with varied surfaces and materials, bringing experimentation and play into his art. He has worked with varied raw materials,...

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