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Our artists of the week celebrate the power and fragility of Mother Nature, dabble in the psychology of colour

Shruti Chawan: An abstract and vivid tale of colour   A variety of forms and compositions find themselves in the works put forward by artist Shruti Chawan, who professes that an open imagination helps her render abstract versions of fantasies and emotions. Interestingly, she has worked on a series that showcases thoughts based on the...


Sensuality, Tension, Irony, Preoccupation with Death, Hope and more: Rothko’s formula to create art

September 25, On This Day Mark Rothko: A colourful mind The distinctive style of color field paintings, depicting irregular rectangular regions of color, is most quickly attributed to the iconic American abstract painter Mark Rothko. He was born on September 25, 1903. Of Latvian Jewish descent, Rothko is associated with the American Abstract Expressionist movement...


Art makes me feel liberated, heard and inspired, says Shaily Ganatra in Room For More Art

Abir Pothi presents Room For More Art — a series of features on interior designers across geographic boundaries, discussing with them the nuances of their profession, their methods of sourcing and projecting art into their work, the challenges they face, and a whole lot more perspective. Shaily Ganatra: Sustaining reliability, innovation, and professionalism As the...


The African-American woman artist who beat all odds in the 20th century

September 22, On This Day She was born on September 22, 1891 — today, 130 years later, Alma Woodsey Thomas is recognized as a major American painter of the 20th century, beating all odds as an African-American female artist, despite the segregation and prejudice of her time. She is alternatively classified by some as an...


Telling stories of self, society and space — our artists of the week embrace varied mediums

Dakshayani Chippada: The quiet impact of money in human lives Having chosen printmaking as a medium primarily, artist Dakshayani Chippada tends to gravitate towards seemingly simple compositions, often rendered in black and white or a limited range of hues. However, truth be told, she shows expertise in mediums beyond these, and as for her subjects...