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5 Crafty Ideas For Home Decor This Diwali

This year, why not add a personal touch to your festive decor by creating some crafty decorations? Here are five delightful DIY ideas for home decor this Diwali:

1. Paper Lamps

DIY: How To Make A Table Top Paper Craft Diwali Lantern - ANOKHI LIFE
DIY Diwali Paper Lamp. Courtesy: Anokhi Life

Making paper lanterns and lamps is an excellent way to include whimsy into your interior design. After gathering some tea lights, colourful paper, and scissors, get to work creating. Try experimenting with various forms and patterns to fit the concept of your decor.

2. Accordion Fold Paper Diya

How to make paper Diyas for Diwali
Accordion Diyas. Courtesy: TTS

This year, try folding paper into an accordion to make your own diya. Select paper that is brightly coloured, fold it in an accordion style, and then shape it into a diya shape. It can be adorned with glitter, sequins, or even painted with elaborate patterns.

3. Paper Quilling Rangoli/Diya

Quilled rangoli, quilling candle holder, design | Origami and quilling, Quilling patterns, Quilling designs
Paper Quilling Design. Courtesy: Pinterest

For a twist, create a paper quilling rangoli or diya. Roll and shape coloured paper strips into different designs. You can showcase these elaborate paper quilling works on your walls, tabletops, or floors to give your house a creative feel.

4. Chinese Paper Lantern

3D Paper Chinese Lantern Template | Free Download | Assembli
Chinese Paper Lantern. Courtesy: Assembli


Using rice paper or tissue paper, make a paper lampshade. Hang it in your dining room or living room to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. You can decorate it with contemporary or classic patterns.

5. Diya Paper Trail

Diya Making With Paper | Paper Diya Decoration | DIY | Diwali Decoration... | Diy diwali decorations, Diwali decorations, Diwali diy
Diya wall hanging. Courtesy: Pinterest

Make a charming DIY paper trail to hang from your ceiling or walls. Using coloured paper, cut out diya forms, then string them together with thread or twine. You can wrap them around your house or hang them as garlands. These diya paper trails will add some festive flair to your room while also making it brighter.

Use these creative decor ideas to bring love and creativity into your home this Diwali. These DIY projects are not only fun to create but also allow you to express your unique style. Your handmade decorations will provide a unique touch to your house. Wishing you a Happy Diwali from team Abir Pothi!

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