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8 Museums and Art Galleries in Hyderabad You Must Visit Once!

An art gallery is a splendid approach to preserving and promoting local and international art and crafts. At present, the world is witnessing a cultural revolution (not to be confused with Mao Zedong’s revolution). To accommodate centuries of history and traditions, the existence of art galleries and museums is imperative. If the history of the city is as rich as Hyderabad’s, one would need a humongous space. Fortunately, heaps of historical artefacts can still be found in every art gallery in Hyderabad, subtly reminding us of our past and present. Today, we take a look at some of the famous art galleries in Hyderabad and why they are a MUST on every art enthusiast’s itinerary.

Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Museum is one of the largest art museums on the Indian subcontinent, showcasing a wide range of artwork, including clocks, ceramics, textiles, paintings, and sculptures. Their collection documents the history of art in India, Japan, China, Egypt, Europe, and North America. With more than 46,000 artworks, 8,000 manuscripts, and 60,000 printed books, the museum presents the rich history from the early 20th century to the second century BC. 39 galleries host the exhibits, which are categorized as Indian art, European art, Japanese art, Middle Eastern art, Persian art, Chinese art, and the children’s sections.

Courtesy – Ethereal Yana

The Nizam’s Museum

The Nizam’s Museum or HEH Nizam’s Museum houses a grand collection of souvenirs and gifts presented to the last Nizam of Hyderabad on his silver jubilee celebrations. The collection includes numerous paintings, sketches, daggers, swords, walking sticks, and aeroplane models. However, the special attraction of the museum has to be the golden throne used by the Nizam and the largest walk-through wardrobe (176 ft) of the sixth Nizam. The museum also displays vintage cars including a 1930 Rolls-Royce, Packard, and Jaguar Mark V.

Courtesy – Hyderabad Tourism Travel

Kalakriti Art Gallery

Kalakriti Art Gallery is the largest private art gallery in Hyderabad. The museum houses the largest collections of 19th-century oleographs, embellished and chromolithographs in the country, as well as a large collection of traditional and indigenous art, such as Saura, Gond, and Pichwais. Kalakriti Art Gallery has displayed the works of maestros such as Raja Ravi Varma, MV Dhurandhar, and others. The Kalakriti Art Gallery in Banjara Hills frequently hosts art-related film screenings, panel discussions, and workshops.

Courtesy – The Hindu

Telangana State Archaeology Museum

The Telangana State Archaeology Museum is the oldest in the state. The Museum boasts one-of-a-kind collections, such as imitations of Ajanta paintings, and is the only museum in the country to have them. There is also a gallery displaying bronze artefacts, armour, stone sculptures, manuscripts, modern paintings, textiles, and so on. Buddhist sculptures are displayed in a separate gallery. There is also an extensive collection of Hindu sculptures from the Chalukyan and Vijayanagara periods. The Museum’s main attraction is a 2,353-year-old Egyptian mummy purchased for 1,000 pounds. A copy of the Holy Quran with a seal from Shahjahan, the Mughal Emperor, is also kept here.

Courtesy – Telangana Today

Moolagundam Art Gallery

The Moolagundam Art Gallery hosts and curates artworks in various forms in Hyderabad city at Jubilee Hills. The exhibition features South Asian Modern & Contemporary Art, sculptures, over 2,000 old books on History & Literature, and photographs. The gallery’s extensive catalogue includes renowned and emerging artists such as Jamini Roy, Shubham Lunawat, Krishna Reddy, and others.

Courtesy – Moolagundam Art Gallery

Muse Art Gallery

The Muse Art Gallery is located inside the Mariott Hotel. Marriott and Kaali Sudheer Mopperthy founded the gallery, as a non-profit organization. It hosts several fundraising exhibitions, including an AIDS awareness campaign and anti-child labour projects. The calendar of Muse Art Gallery is often packed with solo and group exhibitions by up-and-coming artists. Apart from paintings and sculptures, the gallery also hosts engaging talks, panel discussions, and even scintillating fashion shows.

Courtesy – Hyderabad Metro Rail

Aalankritha Art Gallery

The Aalankritha Art Gallery in Hyderabad houses an extensive collection of contemporary art, fine art prints, sculptures, and masks. The gallery strives to provide a platform for aspiring Indian artists. Celebrity artists whose artworks have been displayed at the gallery include MF Husain, Lalu Prasad Shaw, and Anjolie Ela Menon.

Courtesy – Tripadvisor

Handicrafts Museum Shilparamam

Much like the Cholamandal artist village, Shilparamam is a collective; a society of sorts. Shilparamam, founded in 1992, is a crafts village that promotes folk arts and crafts. Shilparamam is home to art galleries that showcase local artisans’ handicrafts such as jewellery and handlooms. It also houses several museums, including the Rock Museum, Sculpture Park, and the Village Museum. The Village Museum features dioramas of village life and culture, whereas the Rock Museum displays natural geological formations. Shilparamam also has a library, a multi-purpose auditorium, and a research and design centre. They hold the annual All-India Festival of Arts and Crafts in February.

Courtesy – The Globe Trotter

Image Courtesy – Deccan Chronicle

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