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92 artists coming ‘Together’ to showcase various forms of art

The show titled, ‘Together’ is accommodating 92 young and veteran artists exhibiting on one platform, to inspire and engage the society towards freedom of expression and unity, working together for a common goal with common values and ideas to create a great harmonious diverse society.

Hem raj

The idea developed and launched by Mukul Panwar, germinated in the GARHI studios. According to Aparna Caur “reminiscing those days of sharing and working at GARHI studios holds a special flavour of struggle and strengthening of bonds of unity.”

Santosh verma

We have numerous words we use to express this concept of ‘getting together’, it can be ‘gathering together,’ ‘working together,’ ‘uniting together,’ ‘melting together,’ ‘welding together,’ ‘binding together,’ ‘bonding together,’ or ‘coming together,’ to express ways to strengthen the artists position by engaging the people to see expressions in art, and welcome and consider these different ideas.

Anand kumar

The works in this exhibition are in many different forms, colours, and medium, from baked clay to paintings, drawings, sculptures in stone, wire, steel and bronze. This rainbow of art and ideas work together to create a symphony that uplifts and inspires the onlookers.

Different people with different ideas and different cultural backgrounds should be able to work together to create a ‘great harmonious diverse society.’ Senior artists like Mukul Panwar, Aparna Caur, Parmajeet Singh, Prem Singh, Niren Sen Gupta, Rajeev Lochan, Gogi Saroj Pal are there in the show among 92 artists.

Kali charan

The TOGETHER exhibition is a collaboration of all 92 participating artists celebrating a ‘melting pot’ of artistic expression with a video art, sharing the spirit of ‘Togetherness and Oneness’.

The show is on view at Garhi Studios, Lalit Kala Akademi till January 15, 2023.