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A Comprehensive Guide to Staedtler Pencils

When we venture into the art world as an artist, our choice of pencils and coloured sketch pens can make or break us. An artist is only as good as their craft, precision, and creativity. While several artists have used numerous tools over the years – acrylic paint, watercolours, and others, the allure of pencils is everlasting. One of the pencil brands which comes to mind is Staedtler pencils. Renowned for its quality, innovation, and diverse range, Staedtler has been a trusted name among artists, designers, engineers, and students for centuries. From their classic graphite pencils to their vibrant coloured pencils and innovative mechanical designs, Staedtler has every tool at your disposal.

Staedtler Pen Pencils – A Household Name

The company Staedtler was established by Johann Sebastian Staedtler in 1835 in Nuremberg, Germany. Johann came from a family of pencil makers, the most famous being Friedrich Staedtler (1636–1688). Staedtler is the largest manufacturer of wood-encased pencils, OHP pens, and modelling clay in Europe, fulfilling two-thirds of the demand. Let’s take a look at their selection of pencils.

Staedtler Graphite Pencils

Staedtler graphite pencils are synonymous with reliability and precision. Staedler offers graphite pencils, including premium-quality artists’ pencils, ergonomic learner’s pencils, and carpenter pencils. The Staedtler lead pencils are available in various hardness grades, and frequently in Staedtler pencil sets. The super-bonded lead guarantees high break resistance.

Courtesy – Staedtler

The iconic Staedler Noris pencil is easily recognizable thanks to its distinctive black and yellow stripes. The standard pencil hardness grades (2B–2H) are available. The Staedtler pencil’s hardness grade is indicated by the various coloured ends. Additionally, digital, Staedtler Noris pencils combine the functionality of an S Pen stylus with the feel of a pencil. It is made of WOPEX material, which enables you to write and draw directly on tablets and mobile phones.

Courtesy – Amazon

Staedtler Colored Pencils

The Staedtler colour pencil drawings reign supreme. The coloured pencil‘s forerunner, the colored oil pastel pencil, was created by Staedtler. The manufacturing process has not changed much in the 189 years since its founding: separate colour pigments are still combined with binding agents and pressed into the form of a lead. To keep the lead safe, the Staedtler sketch pencils are covered in wood. There exist 144 Staedtler pencil shades ranging from metal to pastels. The triangular shape of the pencil ensures a strong grip. 

Courtesy – Michaels

Staedtler Mechanical Pencil

Every Staedtler mechanical pencil is a testament to durability and utility. They are pocket-safe. The cushioned lead has a high break resistance while the protective lead sleeve slides back during writing or sketching. They have a hardness grade B and are available in several widths i.e. 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm. 

Courtesy – Staedtler

Staedtler Watercolor Pencils

The Staedtler watercolor pencils, especially their ‘Aquarell’ range, have a watercolor lead encased inside a hexagonal frame. Not only can you use the extremely pigmented and concentrated pencil by itself, but you can also apply the colour with a brush. The Staedtler Luna colour pencils, which can also be bought as the Staedtler pencil set boast the brand’s exceptional quality. They are available in numerous shades, 144 to be exact.

Courtesy – Olga Rani via YouTube

Another popular variety is the Staedtler H and E pencils. H stands for Hematoxylin (a violet colour) and E for Eosin (a pink or lilac colour). These premium Staedtler watercolor pencils are perfect for medical students because of their smooth, soft lead that resists breaking, which is why they are used to draw histology and histopathology diagrams.

Courtesy – IndiaMart

Staedtler Charcoal Pencil

The Staedtler charcoal pencils are synonymous with quality. These Staedtler drawing pencils are excellent for hatching, cross-hatching, and shading. The black tone is a special formulation of charcoal and carbon. The wood encasing is sustainable and PEFC-certified. 

Courtesy – eBay

Image Courtesy – Polar Pencil Pusher

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