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A Lesson in Resin: Make Your Own Resin Art Embellishments

Resin art is extremely trendy as of now. If your FYP is filled with resin art, and you’re obsessed with watching resin videos, its time for you to try it yourself. Given below are steps and materials required to make your own resin stuffy stuff.

Resin Art Material

Resin Art Workshop – Let's Make It
Courtesy: Let’s Make It
  • Epoxy resin (make sure to use a resin that is suitable for crafting and not just industrial use)
  • Resin dye or pigment
  •  molds (silicone molds work well)
  • Mixing cups and stirring sticks
  • Disposable gloves
  • Small torch or heat gun
  • Sandpaper (optional, for finishing)
  • Drill or rotary tool (for creating a hole in the cured resin for attachment)

Steps to Make Resin Art 

Resin Art - The Beginner's Guide to Creating Art with Resin
Courtesy: Art in Context

Creating a DIY resin art keychain can be a fun and creative project. Resin art allows you to combine colors and textures to make unique and personalized pieces. Here’s a basic guide to help you make your own resin art keychain:

1. Mix Resin:

   Follow the instructions on your epoxy resin kit to mix the resin and hardener in the correct proportions. Use mixing cups and stirring sticks to ensure a thorough mix. 

2. Add Pigments or Dye:

   Once the resin and hardener are mixed, add resin dye or pigment to create your desired colors. Mix well until the color is uniform.

3. Pour Resin into Molds:

   Carefully pour the colored resin into the molds. You can layer different colors or add embellishments like glitter if you wish.

4. Remove Air Bubbles:

   To eliminate air bubbles, use a small torch or heat gun to gently pass over the resin surface. Be careful not to overheat and damage the mold.

Resin Art: Casting, Coating, and Creating | Skillshare Blog
Courtesy: Skillshare Blog

5. Curing Time:

   Allow the resin to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This typically takes 24-48 hours.

6. Demold:

   Once the resin is fully cured, carefully remove the pieces from the molds. Follow the mold instructions for the best demolding technique.

7. Finishing Touches:

   If desired, use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges.

8. Attach Keychain Hardware:

    Use a drill or rotary tool to create a hole in the cured resin where you can attach the keychain hardware. Be gentle to avoid cracking the resin.

Resin Art Ideas

Given below are some resin art ideas to get you started:

1. Resin Art Keychain

Resin Keychain - Drive Safe
Courtesy: Vibecity

Resin keychains offer a stylish and personalized touch to your keys. Crafted with vibrant epoxy resin, these small, durable accessories showcase individuality through colors, textures, and creative designs.

2. Resin Art Jewelry

Buy Resin Rings Online In India - Etsy India
Courtesy: Etsy

Resin jewelry captivates with its vibrant colors, glossy finish, and versatility. Crafted by combining resin, pigments, and molds, each piece is a wearable work of art, reflecting individual style.

3. Resin Art Wall Clocks

Buy Wall Decor Bedroom Resin Art Wall Clock Unique Home Decor Gold Wall Decor With Natural Stones Apartment Decor Online in India - Etsy
Courtesy: Etsy

Resin wall clocks blend functionality with artistry, offering unique designs and vibrant colors. Their versatility allows for creative customization, making them both a practical timepiece and a stylish decor element.

4. Resin Art Pendant

Shop For Resin Jewellery From Plume Resine | LBB
Courtesy: LBB

Resin pendants are exquisite wearable art pieces, crafted by combining epoxy resin with pigments. These versatile accessories showcase vibrant colors and intricate designs, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

5. Resin Earrings

Lavender Breeze Resin Earrings | Real Dried Flower Jewellery – Perky Diva
Courtesy: Perky Diva

Resin earrings showcase a blend of vibrant colors and intricate designs. Handcrafted from epoxy resin, these lightweight accessories add a touch of individuality and contemporary style to any outfit.

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