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A Tribute to India’s Glorious Journey: The ₹16.5 Crore Independence Park at Delhi’s Third Waste-To-Art Park


As India celebrates its 75th year of independence, a remarkable tribute has been unveiled to commemorate the nation’s journey from antiquity to modernity. Independence Park, a labour of love and dedication, has been conceptualized at a cost of approximately ₹16.5 crore. This park is not just a testament to the nation’s progress but also a homage to the heroes of India’s freedom struggle. What sets it apart is the innovative use of 250 tonnes of scrap material, which has been transformed into galleries, panels, sculptures, and more, narrating the rich tapestry of India’s history.

British officers grappling with Mangal Pandey who blew the whistle for the first battle for independence in 1857. Courtesy: Sondeep Shankar

A Green Oasis of History

Situated amidst lush greenery, the Independence Park is more than just a historical monument. Its pathways, nestled within a verdant landscape of 56,000 plants and shrubs, offer visitors a unique green experience. The serenity of nature harmoniously merges with the historical significance of the park, creating an environment conducive to reflection and learning.

Birsa Munda is considered a divine figure by tribals. Courtesy: Sondeep Shankar

Ancient India’s Wisdom Unveiled

The journey through the Independence Park begins with a profound look into ancient India’s wisdom. Panels, sculptures, and murals narrate the stories of seers and sages who have shaped the spiritual and philosophical landscape of the country. This section is a tribute to the timeless knowledge that has been passed down through generations, emphasising the profound wisdom that continues to guide India to this day.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first Home Minister of independent India often referred to as the “Iron man of Integration” during a meeting of the state integration depicted in a mural. Courtesy: Sondeep Shankar

The Rule of Hindu Kings

Moving forward in time, the park delves into the era of Hindu kings. Through intricate busts and detailed galleries, visitors gain insight into the reign of these monarchs, their contributions to art, culture, and governance, and their impact on the nation’s identity. The park paints a vivid picture of the diverse and vibrant dynasties that once ruled the Indian subcontinent.

A gallery of the leaders of the independence movement of the country using waste material and scrap. Courtesy: Sondeep Shankar

Sikh Heroes and the Freedom Struggle

As the journey through history progresses, the park pays homage to Sikh heroes who played a pivotal role in India’s fight for independence. Their valor and sacrifices are immortalized in sculptures and murals, highlighting their crucial contribution to the nation’s struggle for freedom.

Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee with renowned scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam also known as “the Missile Man” after Pokharan-ll Nuclear Test, considered a national pride in Indian history. Courtesy: Sondeep Shankar

Post-Independence Gallantry Award Winners

The park doesn’t just commemorate the past; it also celebrates contemporary heroes. A dedicated gallery showcases the gallantry award winners of post-independence India, underscoring the ongoing legacy of courage and selflessness. Their stories serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come.

The Pokharan Nuclear Tests

A significant chapter in India’s modern history, the Pokharan-1 and Pokharan-2 nuclear tests, are showcased as a testament to the nation’s scientific and technological prowess. Visitors can explore the galleries and panels that provide insights into these landmark moments that solidified India’s position on the global stage.


The Independence Park is not just a park; it’s a living testament to India’s journey over the past 75 years and beyond. It’s a vivid portrayal of the nation’s rich history, from the wisdom of ancient sages to the sacrifices of freedom fighters and the achievements of contemporary heroes. By creatively utilizing scrap materials, this park not only reduces waste but also underscores the spirit of innovation and sustainability that defines modern India. As visitors meander through the lush green pathways, they are sure to be inspired by the resilience and triumphs of a nation that has come so far in its 75-year journey of independence.

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