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Abhishek Pandey Channelises Sacred Energies and Transforming Spaces through Artistic Persuits

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Abhishek Pandey, who belongs to Varanasi, where spiritual seekers converge daily in their quest for salvation, possesses a connection to the mystical aura of his hometown. It is in the sacred waters of the Ganges, permeated with the lingering energy of cremations, that he finds his artistic inspiration—a force that transcends the physical and manifests as an intangible resonance in his creative expressions.

Pandey’s recent art serves as an advocate to the energies he perceives in his environment. Through his unique lines and strokes, he breathes life into the ethereal. He explores ancient architectural marvels, imbued with the accumulated energies of generations, turning them into vibrant, living testaments to their storied histories. Every location, Pandey believes, possesses its own aura—an unspoken energy that fills the void and tells its own tale. His art becomes a medium through which these energies are captured, animated, and given form, thus breaking the static boundaries of architecture and historical edifices.

Vibes Resting in its Emptiness
Vibes Resting in its Emptiness by Abhishek Pandey | Courtesy: Abir Space

Pandey’s creative journey transcends time and space. He delves into the influence of modern technologies like mobile networks, satellites, and electromagnetic radiations on the intangible energies that surround us. These technologies infiltrate and transform the very essence of our empty spaces, and through his art, Pandey unveils their hidden impact on our environment.

Pandey’s artistic evolution has led him to explore a diverse range of mediums. His “Aura Series,” in particular, is a statement to his dedication to the craft. Starting with humble pen drawings, it has blossomed into expansive canvas paintings. He has ventured into experimenting with lines across mediums such as clay and 3D pens, playing with variations in width, spacing, and colours.

Amurt 8
Amurt 8 by Abhishek Pandey | Courtesy: Abir Space

Looking ahead, Pandey is poised to infuse a sculptural essence into the “Aura Series,” employing a wide array of materials for experimentation. His artistic choices are guided by the essence of the concept and the unique requirements of each project, showcasing his relentless quest for innovation and self-expression.

Abhishek Pandey is an artist who embodies the spirit of exploration, both in his choice of mediums and in his deep connection to the intangible energies that envelop us. His art serves as a bridge between the sacred and the technological, offering viewers a unique opportunity to contemplate the unseen forces that shape our world and its history.

Feature Image:Vibe of Varanasi Street 9 by Abhishek Pandey | Courtesy: Abir Space

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