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Adarsh Palandi’s Art Looks into Human Struggle for Control and Self-Realisation Amidst Societal Constraints

Adarsh Palandi’s art is an exploration of the human struggle for control and self-realisation amidst societal pressures and constraints. Through intricate symbolism and powerful imagery, Palandi explores the existential journey of individuals seeking to reclaim agency over their lives and fulfil their innate potential.

Untitled BI
Untitled BI by Adarsh Palandi | Courtesy: Abir Space

The paintings capture the intense yearning of individuals to cross borders,  barriers and constraints imposed by external forces, whether they be authoritarianism, arrogance, or societal insensitivities. Palandi highlights the innate human desire for growth, both personal and collective, as individuals strive to overcome denial and awaken to the socio-political realities that shape their existence. Through his mastery of printmaking, Palandi infuses the canvas with layers of meaning, inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences of empowerment and liberation. His art is a moving reminder of the constant battle for individual autonomy and the quest for enlightenment in a world full of hardship and limitation.

UNTITLED PO| Courtesy: Abir Space

Drawing from his experiences as a printer in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, Palandi’s artistic path reveals an important dedication to examining the intricacies of human existence. The recognition he has received, such as the Vishnu Chinchalkar Madhya Pradesh State Roopankar Lalit Kala Award 2021, and his involvement in both domestic and international exhibitions bear witness to the broad appeal of his work and its capacity to cut across boundaries of culture and region.

Concurrence - 2
Concurrence – 2| Courtesy: Abir Space

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