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A young and instinctive interior designer with formidable talent and experience in her craft, Aditi Bhatia believes strongly that art nourishes and elevates the soul, while impacting our daily life in every possible way. Her first brush with design began in her formative years in New Delhi, growing up amidst the haat culture, with access to Pragati Maidan and the Lalit Kala Akademi — it ultimately distilled her view that art is synonymous in a way with the rural artisan, and must remain accessible for all. Chance encounters over the years during travel and via cinema also compounded her inspirations, and today, as a part of UA Design in Ahmedabad with architect Umang Goswami, Aditi works closely on projects ranging across commercial to residential, bringing in her own unique focus for the prospective client. Her creations have been described as modern and minimalistic, retaining however a friendly and inviting clarity in their symmetry. Aditi believes commissioned, bespoke art can transform a space if used right, and the best kind of interior designer is the most patient guide to a buyer interested in engaging with art.