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Amalgamation of art from diverse fields and in diverse mediums: Group exhibition at Espace

By Rajesh Kumar

‘Fleeting Expressions’, an exhibition that brought together artists from diverse graphic mediums and processes concludes today, 15th July. The show has been on view from 10 June at Gallery Espace, New Delhi. It included artworks in different forms, from the conventional watercolour on paper and oil on canvas to textiles – such as jute, as well as etchings, drawings made with pencil, graphite dust and even experimental techniques using terracotta on acrylic sheet and wax on canvas board.

The gallery welcomes viewers with ‘Blueprint of my Mind’, an artwork by Nandini Bagla Chirimar. It’s a distinct artwork on Okawara paper that intrigues the viewer into looking out for other artworks, in the exhibition. Dilip Chobisa’s works ‘Memory of empty basement’ and ‘There Inside 3’ and ‘There Inside 5’ lends a rustic feel and a vintage look to one section of the gallery. These three works have been executed in graphite on paper, colour dust, painted wooden frame and acrylic glass.


The exhibition includes watercolour paintings by Suddhasattwa Basu and Anupam Sud, and oil paintings by Vasudevan Akkitham. It also includes a sculpture in wood and ceramic by Sojwal Samant. Various experimental artworks by Indrajit Prasad and, Ishita Chakraborty also got their space in the display. Indrajit Prasad showcased his work, with terracota on acrylic sheet, whereas Ishita Chakraborty had created her work by scratching on acid-free paper.


The 28 artworks by 11 artists working in different mediums offer a glimpse of diverse expressions and inspirations from various forms of art. ‘Fleeting Expressions’ is an amalgamation of artworks in various mediums that will have a lasting impression on the viewers of the exhibition at Gallery Espace.