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Anup Shrivastava’s Art is a A Kaleidoscope of Nature, Culture, and History

Anup Shrivastava, a talented artist hailing from the Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh, showcases a profound artistic vision deeply rooted in the exploration of ecology and ethnography. Through his distinctive use of acrylic pastels, Shrivastava breathes life into his canvases, translating his reflections on the natural world and cultural diversity into visually striking masterpieces.

The vivid colours and strong brushstrokes of Shrivastava’s paintings draw the viewer in and transport them to a world where human experience and the natural world coexist peacefully. His creations, which depict the delicate balance between numerous environmental factors, demonstrate a keen awareness of ecological processes. With its elaborate representations of indigenous cultures and rich landscapes, Shrivastava’s artwork offers a thought-provoking statement on the interdependence of all living things.

Memory Of Mandu
Memory Of Mandu by Anup Shrivastava| Courtesy: Abir Space

The influence of a certain abstract flair in Shrivastava’s style is evident. The amalgamation of bold forms and expressive lines in his pieces draws parallels with a certain avant-garde approach, creating a captivating fusion that sets his work apart. This distinctive style, while inspired, is uniquely Anup Shrivastava’s, as he infuses his personal touch into each creation.

Memory of Bhagoriy
Memory of Bhagoriy by Anup Shrivastava| Courtesy: Abir Space

Shrivastava not only demonstrates his technical mastery but also conveys a powerful message about the value of protecting our natural heritage and appreciating the diversity of human cultures by delving into the fields of ecology and ethnography. His artwork serves as a vehicle for encouraging viewers to reflect on the complex interactions that exist between civilisation and the environment, leading to a greater understanding of the world we live in.

Feature Image: Right- Anup Shrivastava, Left- Bhogriya Festival series.3 | Courtesy: Abir Space

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