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Apple Collaborates with Aditya Ganguly to Launch Mahou App, Revolutionizing Art Experiences with Mixed Reality


Aditya Ganguly’s visit to teamLab Planets in Toyosu, Tokyo, sparked an idea to recreate immersive art experiences for a wider audience. Inspired by the energy of the interactive space, he embarked on a journey to develop the Mahou app, aimed at bringing art exhibitions to life through mixed reality.

From Inspiration to Creation

Reflecting on his visit, Ganguly recalls the profound impact teamLab Planets had on him. Determined to delve deeper into the concept, he pursued the idea of merging art and technology, leading to the inception of the Mahou app.

Collaboration with Apple

Months later, Ganguly pitched his idea to Apple executives in Singapore. Impressed by his vision, they collaborated on Mahou, marking it as one of the few Indian applications to support Apple’s mixed-reality headset natively.

Background and Expertise

With a background in psychology, Ganguly sought to integrate user empathy into his technological ventures. His experience with the United Nations and various tech companies provided him with the insights and skills necessary to pursue innovative projects like Mahou.

Aditya Ganguly is the creator of the Mahou or (maa-ho) app for the Apple Vision Pro headset. Courtesy: Anuj Bhatia/The Indian Express

Evolution of Ideas

Ganguly’s journey through different ventures, including Brevity and Simulanis, equipped him with the knowledge of interaction design and immersive technologies. This culminated in the founding of Omoi Studio and the development of applications that push the boundaries of augmented and virtual reality.

Vision Pro: The Choice for Mahou

Ganguly opted for the Vision Pro headset due to its rendering power and high-quality displays. This choice enables Mahou to recreate immersive art experiences with unparalleled fidelity, akin to stepping into a virtual wonderland.

Future Prospects

Mahou represents a fusion of art and technology, offering users the opportunity to engage with art in unprecedented ways. Ganguly envisions a future where augmented and virtual reality redefine artistic expression and storytelling on a 360-degree scale.


The path taken by Aditya Ganguly from inspiration to invention serves as an example of how technology may revolutionise the creative world. Through Mahou, he hopes to close the gap between creativity and technology for a global audience, democratising access to immersive art experiences. Mahou is a living example of the potential that arises when art and technology are combined, particularly as mixed reality develops.

Feature Image: Aditya Ganguly is the founder of Omoi Studio and works full-time developing applications. He has a team of five. Courtesy: Anuj Bhatia/Indian Express

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