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Art Highlights Around the World in 2024: Basel, Los Angeles, Paris, New York, and London

Art enthusiasts and culture aficionados have an exciting year ahead as major cities around the world gear up for a diverse array of exhibitions in 2024. From the compact charm of Basel to the cultural mecca of Los Angeles, the artistic offerings are set to captivate audiences with a wide range of themes, artists, and mediums.

Basel: More Than the Fair

Nestled along the banks of the Rhine, Basel is not just a destination for the renowned Art Basel fair; its museums are a treasure trove of ambitious exhibitions. The Fondation Beyeler takes center stage with “Matisse: Invitation to the Voyage” (22 September-26 January 2025), exploring over 70 works that resonate with Baudelaire’s poetry themes. Meanwhile, the Kunstmuseum features Dan Flavin’s installations, Japanese woodcuts from the 19th century, and a tribute to the late Portuguese-British artist Paula Rego.

Los Angeles: California’s Diverse Art World

Continuing its ascent as a vital art hub, Los Angeles promises a year filled with world-class exhibitions. The Huntington showcases Sargent Claude Johnson’s work, and Destination Crenshaw celebrates Black artists. The Getty presents PST ART in September, featuring shows from over 60 institutions, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s “Mapping the Infinite.”

Paris: Olympian Efforts

Paris pays homage to its rich history with exhibitions like “Gold, Silver and Bronze” at Monnaie de Paris, delving into the history of Olympic medals. The Centre Pompidou marks Surrealism’s centenary, while the Musée d’Orsay explores the birth of Impressionism in “Paris 1874.” Bande Dessinée (comics) and the history of department stores are also highlighted in the Pompidou and Musée de Arts Decoratifs.

New York: Saluting its Role in Modern Art

New York celebrates its pivotal role in Modern art with a series of exhibitions. The Metropolitan Museum of Art kicks off with “The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism,” while the Museum of Modern Art features LaToya Ruby Frazier’s first museum survey. The Whitney Museum opens the Whitney Biennial, offering a comprehensive survey of contemporary US art. Dia Beacon presents a new work by British artist Steve McQueen, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum explores early 20th-century approaches in “Harmony and Dissonance: Orphism in Paris, 1910-30.”

London: Women Lead the UK Capital

London experiences a resurgence of the Swinging Sixties with a focus on female artists. Tate Modern hosts “Yoko Ono: Music of the Mind,” a major retrospective showcasing her avant-garde voice. Tate Britain explores “Women Artists in Britain 1520-1920,” highlighting the struggles of female artists over centuries. The Royal Academy of Art presents a survey of neoclassicist Angelica Kauffman, and the Courtauld Gallery delves into “Vanessa Bell: a Pioneer of Modern Art.” Modernism is examined at the Serpentine Galleries with Barbara Kruger, while the National Portrait Gallery features “Portraits to Dream In,” a creative duel between photographers Francesca Woodman and Julia Margaret Cameron.

As the art world converges on these cities, 2024 promises a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions, inviting audiences to explore the rich tapestry of human creativity throughout history.

Feature Image: Yoko Ono’s Half-A-Room (1967) will be part of the Tate’s retrospective of the artist, Yoko Ono: Music of the Mind, starting 15 February| Courtesy:  Yoko Ono

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