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Top Artists To Watch In 2023 Amid The Indian Art Market’s Exponential Growth
India’s Art Market Soars as Mumbai Prepares for Inaugural Art Fair
Most Expensive Indian Artwork Ever Auctioned: Amrita Sher-Gil’s “The Story Teller” Fetches ₹61.8 Crore
Amrita Sher-Gil’s “The Story Teller” Takes Center Stage at Saffronart Upcoming Auction
A Glimpse Into The World of NFT Art in 2023

Introduction Contemporary artists, through their brilliant works of art, could not just draw collectors' interest but increase the overall worth of the Indian art market manifold. While art has often

FY23 Sets New Records The Indian art market is experiencing a remarkable resurgence, with FY23 marking a blockbuster year for art auctions. The momentum shows no signs of slowing down

Historic Moment in Indian Contemporary Art A remarkable month for Indian contemporary art reached its zenith with a groundbreaking auction on Saturday at The Oberoi, New Delhi. The star of

Introduction In the world of Indian art, few names shine as brightly as Amrita Sher-Gil's. The upcoming Saffronart September Sale, set to take place on September 16, 2023, in Delhi,

Introduction Thanks to NFTs, the art world has recently experienced a digital revolution like never before. NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, have completely changed how we produce, acquire, and exchange art.

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