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Art\’s most iconic repast may have taken place today

On This Day, April 1

The Last Supper, revisited


Certain historians estimate that the date of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion fell in the range of AD (Anno Domini) 30–36. As a result, Colin Humphreys proposes narrowing down the date of the Last Supper as having occurred in the evening of Wednesday, April 1, AD 33. This event has been an incredibly iconic and popular subject in art, especially Christian art. The depictions date back to as early as the Catacombs of Rome, and it was a favourite topic in Italian art by the time of the Renaissance. Well known examples include Leonardo da Vinci’s depiction, considered the first work of High Renaissance art, as well as Tintoretto\’s version, which is unusual as it includes secondary characters; Salvador Dali’s depiction combines typical Christian themes with Surrealism.

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