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Artworks of 5 Famous Celebrities Around the World

Celebrities are constantly looking for new venues and approaches to channel their abundant creativity. Some of them are actors who want to practice their singing, while others are musicians who want to try out acting. And then there are celebrities who practice art, experimenting with a range of media from graphic design and performance art to painting and photography. They create exceptional works of art and exhibit them in galleries across the world, whether they are self-taught or hold a legitimate art degree in their hands.

  1. Sylvester Stallone – Before putting his thoughts into words, actor Sylvester Stallone uses painting to represent his ideas or even his movie characters. His Hollywood profession certainly influenced some of his work; mixed-media pieces like Finding Rocky and Life in 85 show the filmmaker\’s creative process. However, some pieces are far more abstract.
  1. Sir Paul McCartney – Paul McCartney, a musician and former bassist and co-vocalist with the Beatles, has been visiting art galleries and accumulating priceless pieces of art for years. It didn\’t take him long to decide to create his work. McCartney\’s works, which are primarily paintings and lithographs with bold colours, have been displayed in a few prestigious UK, US, and European galleries.
  1. Lucy Liu – Since she was a teenager, actress Lucy Liu has been creating art. She has worked with a variety of media, including photography, sculpture, silkscreen, embroidery, and painting. In the end, Liu\’s artistic inclination has been towards painting, which has given her a fresh sense of identity. Her engagement with painting has helped the actress shed light on her childhood. The National Museum of Singapore and the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville, California, among other venues, have featured Liu\’s works of art.
  1. Jim Carrey – Jim Carrey, a famous Hollywood actor, has been creating art since he was a young child. He has put much effort into his art over the past several years, producing a wide range of evocative works, from large-scale paintings and tiny sculptures to puppets and cartoons critical of Donald Trump\’s presidency. Carrey posts some of his artworks to Twitter, and many of them are on display at the Wyland Galleries, which have locations across the US.
  1. Brad Pitt – Brad Pitt made his debut as a sculptor in Tampere, Finland, in September 2022 with a museum and gallery display. Pitt and Australian singer Nick Cave had artwork on show during an exhibition at the Sara Hilden Art Museum.


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