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Bacon and Monet Landscapes Steal the Show at Christie’s London Auction

Christie’s upcoming 20th and 21st-century art sales in London are set to feature two captivating landscapes, each holding a unique historical significance and artistic allure. Leading the auction lineup are a vibrant Francis Bacon piece and a nostalgic Monet masterpiece, both making their highly anticipated return to the auction block after years of absence.

Francis Bacon’s Tribute to Passion and Tragedy

Highlighted among the offerings is Francis Bacon’s evocative “Landscape near Malabata, Tangier (1963),” estimated to fetch between £15 million to £20 million. This emotionally charged artwork serves as a tribute to Bacon’s tumultuous relationship with Peter Lacy, painted in London just a year after Lacy’s untimely demise in Tangiers. With a provenance spanning over two decades, this painting’s auction history includes a record-breaking sale at Sotheby’s New York in 1985, solidifying its status as a seminal Bacon piece.

Landscape near Malabata, Tangier | Francis Bacon
Landscape near Malabata, Tangier | Courtesy: Francis Bacon

Monet’s Serene Morning on the Seine

Accompanying Bacon’s fervent portrayal is Monet’s tranquil “Matinée sur la Seine, temps net (1897),” part of the esteemed “Mornings on the Seine” series. Expected to command between £12 million to £18 million, this enchanting artwork captures the essence of dawn along the renowned river, marking its first appearance at auction in over four decades. Created within Monet’s iconic bateau-atelier amidst the picturesque landscapes of Giverny, this piece resonates with the artist’s profound connection to nature and light.

Claude Monet | Morning on the Seine near Giverny | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Claude Monet | Morning on the Seine near Giverny | Courtesy: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Historical Significance and Artistic Legacy

Both artworks boast rich histories and have been featured in prestigious exhibitions worldwide, underscoring their enduring impact on the art world. Bacon’s painting, having graced numerous exhibitions across the globe, including notable retrospectives, stands as a testament to the artist’s visceral expressionism. Meanwhile, Monet’s serene depiction of the Seine has captivated audiences for decades, embodying the artist’s mastery of capturing fleeting moments of natural beauty.

Upcoming Display and Auction Details

Art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to view Bacon’s masterpiece at Christie’s New York until February 19, before both paintings are showcased at Christie’s London from March 1 through 7. With their impending auction, these iconic landscapes are poised to command attention and ignite bidding wars among collectors seeking to acquire these treasures of art history.

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