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Bengaluru Artist Sparks Debate Selling AI-Generated Art


The widespread integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across various domains has led to its increased usage in sectors ranging from IT to entertainment. Recently, the emergence of AI-generated art has stirred a debate, particularly sparked by Bengaluru-based artist Ashok Reddy, who ventured into selling such artwork in the city.

Successful Debut on Church Street

Taking to social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Reddy shared his experience of setting up a stall featuring AI-generated art on Church Street. He expressed satisfaction with the response, stating that they sold out 60-70% of their stock on the first day. The bustling street witnessed a surge in visitors, indicating a promising start to Reddy’s venture.

Online Criticism

However, Reddy’s success story attracted unexpected backlash online. Many users criticised him for selling what they deemed as ‘stolen’ and ‘lazy’ art. The criticism centred around the perception that AI-generated art lacks originality, creativity, and aesthetic essence. Some commenters accused Reddy of merely capitalising on AI-generated images without putting in any effort to create them.

Supportive Comments

Despite the criticism, Reddy also received support and appreciation for his artwork. Some users encouraged him to continue his efforts and praised his entrepreneurial spirit. Questions about the nature of the artwork and inquiries about online availability further demonstrated curiosity and interest in Reddy’s creations.


The debate surrounding AI-generated art reflects the complex relationship between technology and creativity. While some view it as a form of innovation and expression, others question its authenticity and value. Reddy’s experience highlights the evolving landscape of art in the digital age and the diverse perspectives it evokes.

Feature Image Courtesy: Ashok Reddy Via X

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