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Bhupen Khakhar’s ‘Champaner’ Fetches Rs 14.4cr at Saffron Art Auction

Saffron Art’s spring live Auction sold the painting by Bhupen Khakhar for Rs 14.4 crore on Wednesday. It was among the most expensive pieces of art the auction house sold on Wednesday. With its platform celebrating India’s rich artistic legacy, Saffron Art has emerged as a lighthouse for Indian art. Every Auction features an enthralling selection of pieces by both established and up-and-coming Indian artists, attracting collectors and art enthusiasts from all over the world.

Tearing Apart by M F Husain/ Saffron Art

Bhupen Khakhar‘s painting was sold at the Auction by Saffron Art for more than twice its estimated price. Tearing Apart, a painting by M F Husain depicting galloping horses, brought in Rs 7 crore at the Auction, while another piece by the artist, which was nameless, brought in Rs 2.2 crore. ‘The Lost Self’ by Rameshwar Broota brought in Rs 3.6 crore, while ‘Arunodaya’ by N S Bendre, a pointillist film, raised Rs 2.64 crore.

Untitled (Taking a Rest) by GOVIND MADHAV SOLEGAONKAR/ Saffron art

In the Auction, Saffror art was sold B PRABHA’s Untitled paintings for Rs 84,00,000 and Govind Madhav Solegaokar’s Untitled (Taking a Rest) works for Rs 10,20,000; M F Husian’s Untitled painting was sold for the price of Rs26,40,000. K H Ara’s Untitled painting was sold for Rs 11,40,000; Satish Gujral’s Untitled painting was sold for the cost of Rs 28,80,000, and HAKU SHAH’s Two Women sold for the price of Rs 22,80,000. Jogen Chowdhury’s Leader with Four Hands was sold for Rs 9,00,000.

Sursagar by GULAM MOHAMMED SHEIKH / Saffron Art
Artist Name Work Title Price
GEORGE KEYT Untitled (Pindapatha) 50,40,000
RAMESHWAR BROOTA The Lost Self 3,60,00,000
GULAM MOHAMMED SHEIKH Sursagar 6,24,00,000
M F HUSAIN Pandav 45,60,000
TYEB MEHTA Trussed Bull 50,40,000

The auctions held by Saffron Art are evidence of the significant influence Indian artists have had on the international art scene. Every item, from modern expressions that push the boundaries of creativity to classic masterpieces steeped in cultural heritage, tells a captivating story and reflects the rich tapestry of India’s artistic legacy.

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